Accredited Organizations

EHNAC accreditation depends upon an organization’s achievement and maintenance of full accreditation status based on the achievement of a passing score comprised of a number of criteria. An organization seeking accreditation is assigned a status classification that indicates the organization’s progress towards meeting all criteria. Status classifications are as follows:

Full: Full accreditation is granted to an organization that demonstrates compliance with the objectives defined in the criteria. Accreditation is granted for two (2) years once the full criteria are met.

Midterm Accreditation: While EHNAC’s Full reviews are granted for two (2) years, the optional Midterm review is performed on the alternate years.

Interim: Interim accreditation is granted to an accredited organization when the organization acquires new subsidiaries that are not accredited or there is a change in the status that impacts the accreditation as determined by EHNAC. This action triggers a sentinel event. This designation covers the period of time from when an entity is acquired to the time they are accredited. If accreditation is not obtained by the date granted by the Commission, the organization must commence the entire accreditation process again.

Candidate: Candidate for accreditation is granted to an applicant when its application is first accepted by the commission, and it is in effect for one (1) year.

Provisional: Provisional accreditation is designated to an organization when it does not meet the full criteria and is granted a specified period of time to fulfill the requirements.

Accredited Non US International: This status would be for any International (not part of the US or its territories) organization that is not doing, nor plans to do, business in the US and is seeking to become accredited and applying for an Accreditation that, due to the organizations’ non US governance, is Not required to use US regulations.

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