EHNAC accreditation strengthens and protects your business while delivering important benefits:

Leadership Status
Demonstrates adherence to a higher standard of quality, privacy, security and confidentiality as well as data management.

Healthcare Reform Compliance
Ensures compliance with HIPAA, ARRA-HITECH, 21st Century Cures Act, and other select state rules and regulations.

Meets security requirements for the CMS-driven, Data at the Point of Care program under the MyHealthEData initiative.

State and RFP Requirements
Both Maryland and New Jersey require EHNAC accreditation for EHNs to conduct business in their states.

In order to connect to the Pennsylvania eHealth Partnership Health Information Organization, an organization must complete an HIO Certification Package which includes the requirement to submit proof of current certification/accreditation.  As one of three options, EHNAC Accreditation is accepted.

Many payers and providers require EHNAC accreditation in their RFPs. These requirements serve as a model for other states to adopt.

We are continuously finding that other states require EHNAC accreditation.

Competitive Positioning
If your competitors are not already accredited, they will be soon. EHNAC accreditation is an important step for remaining competitive, avoiding potential exclusion from future business opportunities, and mitigating your risk of breach of PHI. Many states, as well as the federal government, have implemented or are considering endorsing various EHNAC accreditation programs.

Industry Compatibility
Accommodates industry standards and proper use of NCPDP, X12, HL7 and other formats.

Encourages quality improvements in products, services, workflow, revenue cycle and other business practices and policies.

Operating Cost
Fosters operating cost reductions through greater overall business efficiencies.

Regular Evaluation
Provides regular, comprehensive and objective ongoing evaluation of business operations and risk assessment including reaccreditation every two years.

Procedural Education
Offers information about methods and procedures that can improve your efficiency, elevate your service levels, and position your organization for greater success. Ensures quality employee training programs and provides for additional risk mitigation.

Enhanced Partnership Relationships
Creates a competitive advantage with your trading partners regarding PHI and your overall corporate integrity through ongoing assessment of operations, privacy, and security, as well as policies and procedures.

Process Testing and Assessment
Provides a comprehensive assessment for transmission of data, security, timeliness, accuracy, system availability, capacity monitoring, use of the Internet, data storage and retrieval, and much more.

Performance Enhancement
Offers valuable insights and recommendations that assist your organization’s performance improvement.

Increased Credibility
Ensures customer trust in your ability to manage data with integrity and effectiveness.