Cloud-Enabled Services

EHNAC systematically reviews its programs and Criteria.  It was determined during the Criteria Development Process that the Cloud Enabled Services Criteria will now be embedded into each of the Programs rather than as a separate accreditation program.  This became effective April 1, 2019.  Due to this change, the CEAP program will no longer be offered separately, however organizations using a FedRAMP-authorized service offered by Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) will complete the cloud section in the criteria program for which they are seeking accreditation.  For organizations using Cloud Services, please refer to the information on Cloud Enabled Services Criteria under Key Information, on the Cloud Enabled Services page.

Organizations that are currently pursuing the CEAP Program can continue to complete the accreditation based on the criteria they have already received.  Those organizations already Accredited for CEAP will continue to be accredited through their expiration date.