Criteria Development

  1. Purpose, intent and scope

    1. The purpose, intent and scope of this provision are to establish procedural rules that shall be followed in the adoption of all EHNAC criteria. These rules create a transparent and predictable mechanism in which proposed criteria are submitted to all interested parties for comment, suggestions and criticism prior to adoption.
    2. These rules shall apply to all industry criteria that are adopted by EHNAC.
  2. Promulgation of proposed criteria

    1. Prior to adoption and final approval, any draft criteria proposed for adoption shall be promulgated on the EHNAC website.
    2. At the time of promulgation on the EHNAC website, notice of the proposed adoption and brief summary of the subject matter of the draft criteria shall be made available to all interested parties pursuant to the provisions below.
    3. EHNAC shall maintain an email list of all persons and entities that have been identified as having an interest in the EHNAC draft criteria. Said list shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
      1. All entities that have been accredited by EHNAC
      2. All candidates for application for EHNAC accreditation
      3. Any person or entity requesting to be listed on EHNAC’s mailing list
      4. All government and private institutions and entities that have been identified by EHNAC as having an interest in the electronic transmission healthcare claim information by or through electronic health networks. This shall include but not be limited to: CMS, WEDI, The National Uniform Billing Committee, The National Uniform Claim Committee, The American Dental Association (Dental Content Committee), The National Council for Prescription Drug Programs.
  3. Public comments

    1. During the comment period described in (4) below, EHNAC shall solicit and consider the opinions, comments, suggestions and criticism of all interested parties with regard to the necessity, appropriateness and workability of any draft criteria proposed for adoption.  Parties can use the EHNAC Criteria Comment Form for submitting suggestions, criticism or comments.
  4. Comment period

    1. The comment period prior to EHNAC’s adoption of any industry criteria shall be 60 calendar days from the date that the criteria are promulgated on the EHNAC website and notice of the proposal is sent by email to those interested persons and institutions identified in (3) above. Such notice may be by an industry press release.
  5. Repeal of industry criteria

    1. The provisions applying to the adoption of industry draft criteria by EHNAC shall also apply to the repeal of any criteria previously recognized by EHNAC.
  6. Internal EHNAC adoption process

    1. Upon the completion of the promulgation and comment period described in (2) and (3) above, the executive committee shall submit to the commissioners the proposed criteria and any comments received during the adoption process.
    2. The commissioners shall vote on the appropriateness of recognition of EHNAC criteria by majority vote.
    3. On completion of the vote, notice of the results shall be posted on the EHNAC website and sent by email to all interested parties on the EHNAC mailing list.