21st Century Cures – Interoperability

In order for healthcare data exchange to happen in an interoperable manner as called for under the 21st Century Cures rules – everyone involved must trust one another:

EHNAC Trusted Network Accreditation Program (TNAP)– Accreditation program which allows the networks and their participants to trust one another by providing evidence to an unbiased third-party standards body that privacy, security, cybersecurity and other Trusted Exchange principles are demonstrated to be met at a required level. The TNAP Program is offered by both EHNAC and HITRUST. EHNAC accredits organizations for the regulatory (TEFCA) port; and this is reviewed in tandem with the HITRUST component which covers the privacy and security components. Organizations wishing to pursue TNAP should review additional materials on the TNAP page.

EHNAC Trusted Dynamic Registration and Authentication Accreditation Program (TDRAAP)– An accreditation program building trust so the patients/members/individuals can have confidence safely using a mobile app of their choice (or consumer facing API) in order to retrieve their health information. Technical endpoints (servers, gateways and consumer facing APIs) can carry the credentials and “speak” to each other in the same technical language so that data can move efficiently and securely in a manner which can scale upwards to accommodate the expected proliferation of mobiles apps. This technical framework and privacy/security combined program allows for a required level of technical standard and policy to be demonstrated and vetted by a third-party standards development organization. TDRAAP is based upon the expectation that the future world of interoperability will be dependent upon the use of health Level Seven International (HL&) Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) as a standard describing data formats and elements and an Application Programming Interface (API) for exchanging electronic health records.  Organizations wishing to pursue TDRAAP should review additional materials on the TDRAAP page.

In addition to the two program offerings noted above, for 2022, EHNAC is beginning to add Interoperability specific criteria into other standard EHNAC programs, as applicable. Click on our “Programs” tab in the navigation above to review.