Letter from Lee Barrett

Would EHNAC Accreditation benefit your organization?
I’ve compiled 4 questions to help you decide.

Dear Colleague,

As a professional in the Healthcare industry, you are probably familiar with EHNAC. If your business provides services in or to our industry, the leadership status that EHNAC-accredited organizations enjoy has become widely recognized.

The EHNAC symbol has become synonymous with compliance in Healthcare-related data transfer procedures.

At EHNAC, we are committed to maintaining those standards. But would accreditation deliver value to your organization? Here are 4 questions that can help you decide.

  1. Fines and lawsuits: Would the liability and government penalties associated with HIPAA non-compliance threaten or pose a hardship for your organization?
  2. Stolen Revenue: Would controlling fraud, abuse, and data theft provide short-term or long-term benefits for your organization’s fiscal health?
  3. Staying Competitive: Would being excluded from future contracts and bid considerations because you are not accredited affect your organizations ability to survive?
  4. Stakeholder Trust: is it important to your customers that you safeguard their PHI and data through procedures and accreditation status where privacy, security and confidentiality are paramount?


If you answered “yes” to one or more of the above, the question isn’t “if” you should seek EHNAC accreditation, but simply “when.” And yes – the questions above were written so that the obvious answer to all is “yes”. I did that to help stress three important points:

  1. The benefits of accreditation are just as obvious.
  2. The smartest time to begin the process of being EHNAC accredited is right now.
  3. HIPAA compliance is becoming increasingly more crucial. Healthcare Reform legislation including, ARRA and HITECH places greater emphasis on demonstrating the highest levels of compliance relative to data, privacy, security and confidentiality.


So, the sooner you become accredited the sooner you’ll realize the many business-transformation benefits.

Please consider this letter a personal invitation to apply today. This website provides accreditation overviews, detailed information, answers, and complete listings of organizations in various stages of the accreditation process. As you will see—it’s a pretty impressive group.

This site also provides an on-line, application form—so taking the first step to accreditation is just a few clicks away.

On behalf of everyone at EHNAC, we look forward to assisting you.


Letter from Lee Barrett

Lee Barrett, Executive Director