Midterm Accreditation Process

Accredited organizations interested in pursuing a Midterm Accreditation, must notify EHNAC of their intent to do so.  Beginning January 1, 2022, EHNAC offers a Midterm Accreditation. EHNAC’s standard reviews (“Full Accreditations”) are biennial (2-year), the optional Midterm reviews occur in the intervening years. When Midterm reviews are conducted, the expiration date will always be the same as the Full Accreditation expiration date.

Summary of Midterm Accreditation Process

  1. Application Process:
    1. Organization informs EHNAC of intent to have a Midterm review. This request must be made at least 6 months prior to the Accreditation Anniversary date.
    2. Organization makes payment of Midterm Accreditation Fee electronically or via check to EHNAC five (5) months prior to the Accreditation Anniversary date.
  2. EHNAC makes available to the organization the targeted Self-Assessment zip file and assigns the EHNAC Reviewer within two (2) weeks after payment of the Midterm Accreditation fee.
  3. Organization submits completed Self-Assessment via EHNAC Self-assessment portal 2 months prior to the Full Accreditation Anniversary date.
  4. If the Self-Assessment contains sufficient satisfactory information and documentation, a virtual review will be scheduled to verify the information contained in the Self-Assessment. If the assigned Reviewer has questions or determines that the submission is incomplete, they may request that the Self-Assessment be resubmitted before a date is set for the review.
  5. EHNAC Reviewer completes the assessment and provides the Midterm Accreditation Report.
  6. EHNAC will inform the organization of whether the Midterm accreditation/certification has been approved or denied.
  7. Upon approval of the Midterm accreditation/certification, the organization’s status will indicate Midterm Accredited on the EHNAC website Accreditation Status


IMPORTANT: If a satisfactory self-assessment is not received within one month following the organization’s expiration date, a Midterm review will no longer be available for that accreditation cycle.

Midterm Accreditation by EHNAC is awarded based upon its review of the organization for that specific “point in time” that the accreditation process occurred.  EHNAC is not responsible for any changes in policies, procedures or controls, processes or access that may occur subsequently in which it has no visibility or is unaware.  It is the organization’s responsibility to report significant changes to us through our Sentinel Events policy.