Application Form

Becoming a candidate for EHNAC accreditation is an easy, two-step process.

  1. Answer the few short questions listed in the application form.
  2. Submit the Applicant Agreement and Sentinel Events documents. These documents must be signed by a representative authorized to bind the applicant to those terms and conditions and scanned or faxed to 860-760-6630 or uploaded through the EHNAC application portal. You are provided access to the portal after the application is submitted and approved.

Upon review and qualification, EHNAC will send you the electronic address for the Self-assessment to complete the accreditation process.

Please Note:

Self-Assessment: For each candidate, EHNAC accreditation requires that a Self-Assessment be completed.

Site Visits: EHNAC accreditation requires that site visits be conducted at each site that falls within the scope of our audits, to ensure the appropriate administrative, physical, and technical safeguards are in place and enforced for the protection of PHI and other sensitive information.  Please see Site Visit page for more details.

Program fees: The cost for EHNAC Accreditation is dependent upon both the revenue size of your organization and the number of programs selected. Please refer to EHNAC’s Cost Calculation document for more details.

Program Selection: To learn which EHNAC Program(s) is appropriate for your organization, review our Program Selection Guide.

For help in your selection of either the EHNAC or HITRUST Privacy and Security option for your accreditation see the Choosing between EHNAC’s and HITRUST’s Privacy and Security Requirements page.  Contact EHNAC with any additional questions.

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