All of the EHNAC criteria can be downloaded from this page by selecting the program you are interested in. If this is an updated version, it will have the accompanying Release Notes, which indicate changes in the criteria from the previous version.

EHNAC Reviewers use a rating method to determine overall compliance with EHNAC criteria. Applicants in candidacy status must meet the requirements of all MANDATORY criteria and must achieve an overall score of at least 85%, including responses to all non-mandatory criteria, to achieve full accreditation (subject to Commission approval). The Site Reviewer will assign a score of 0 – 5 (in whole numbers) for each criterion in scope, based upon an applicant’s ability to demonstrate compliance. A score of 0 through 3 results in “Not Met” and a score of 4 or 5 results in “Met” in the final report.  All Mandatory criteria must achieve a score of 4 or 5 or the entire accreditation fails.

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