“As one of the largest Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) in New York State, Hixny must continuously ensure the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the Protected Health Information (PHI) it has been entrusted with. EHNAC’s DT P&S accreditation allows Hixny to demonstrate this to its various stakeholders, as the accreditation assesses the quality and strength of Hixny’s privacy and security framework through a plethora of controls across various domains. Hixny is proud to have achieved its original EHNAC accreditation in 2014 and has successfully reaccredited on a biennial basis since. EHNAC’s accreditation relies on a robust and informative framework. And, while the process requires a great deal of time and effort (as any robust framework should), we have found EHNAC’s process to be very efficient, user friendly, and professional. We commend EHNAC for their process and their knowledgeable and responsive staff!”

-Taiymoor J. Naqi, JD, MBA, CHP, Chief Compliance Officer & Vice President of Privacy and Security


“I believe it is imperative in healthcare technology to be accredited by nationally recognized entities like EHNAC. This proves to our stakeholders and the marketplace how seriously we take accountability on the secure and interoperable exchange of protected health information (PHI). The guidance we receive by being part of EHNAC is immeasurable, and the comprehensive third-party review in areas of privacy, security, confidentiality, technical performance, business practices and organization resources allows our customers and partners to have assurance that Updox follows all required regulations.”

-Kathy Howard, Compliance Director


“Working with EHNAC for our EPCSPC-Pharmacy accreditation has been great since day one. EHNAC is always available to answer any questions we have had. They make sure we have all the templates and information we need from the first certification through all of our follow-ups. And their auditors have been great to work with, thorough, and very professional. All around, been a great company to work with.”

-Chuck Welch, EVP/CTO
Speed Script


“MedAllies decided to pursue HITRUST CSF certification to achieve security maturity levels meeting both industry best practices and regulatory requirements. Based on excellent past experiences with EHNAC, MedAllies chose to partner with them again as its HITRUST third party assessor. While the HITRUST process can be rigorous from attestation to validation with its breadth of domains and controls, EHNAC has made the experience as efficient as could be with utmost professionalism and deep knowledge of the framework.”

-Ethan Yehud, Chief Information Security Officer


“The EHNAC TDRAAP-Comprehensive accredidation provides OtisHealth with additional credibility as a professional organization. Our partners understand that opening our company to a third-party evaluation of our processes, policies, and technology is a testament to our commitment to the privacy and security of the incredibly sensitive data our members have entrusted to our platform. The accredidation process, guided by EHNAC’s fantastic staff, also gave us the opportunity to take a fresh look at ourselves to ensure we are continually applying the best practices.”

-Marc Mar-Yohana, Founder and CEO


“Partnering with EHNAC for our EPCSPC-Prescribing federal audit and certification was a great business decision. Their auditors’ professionalism made the process a valuable experience. Our customers and the DEA can rest assured knowing we manage controlled substance prescriptions according to the highest industry standards.”

-Andres Paglayan, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder


“With the threat of cyberattack constantly on the minds of every healthcare stakeholder, it is critical that any organization handling PHI adhere to the strict privacy and security standards set in place to protect that data. Having been EHNAC HNAP EHN accredited since August 2021, we are dedicated to ensuring the thousands of providers, payers and software vendors who turn to CLAIM.MD to streamline their revenue cycle needs can do so confidently as our products and services continue to exceed industry-established standards.”

-Rob Stuart, Founder and President


“Because the healthcare industry is continuously faced with data and security issues involving PHI, it is important to us at Alpha II to not only provide credibility, but to also add strength to our technology solutions. The HITRUST CSF® certification of our solutions proves our commitment to maintaining the integrity of healthcare data for our partners and clients by providing a stamp of approval from a recognized independent source. EHNAC’s HITRUST Assessor has been instrumental in helping Alpha II complete our HITRUST Certification and HITRUST Interim Review in a timely manner.”

-Stuart Newsome, CPCO, VP, Corporate & Client Experience
Alpha II


“We believe the TDRAAP accreditation adds significant value for our clients and enables them to stay ahead of an evolving regulatory environment. TDRAAP provides the much-needed governance infrastructure for supporting scalable interoperability, with a specific focus on the technical standards enabling trust and transparency for both organizational and individual access to data. This comprehensive accreditation supports the establishment of a trusted ecosystem. Without an accredited trust network, healthcare organizations would be forced to manage a manual vetting and registration process. Our team continues to embrace regulatory change and ensure our solution empowers the healthcare industry with a laser-focused, scalable interoperability platform that drives patient-centered care.”

-Shaun Newton, Information Security & Compliance Officer


“At SecureHIT, we are very grateful for the opportunity that EHNAC gave us to be part of their visionary new TNAP accreditation program. This experience is the spearhead towards new challenges in healthcare informatics. TNAP ensures SecureHIT’s commitment so that the patient has the confidence and peace of mind that their data is safe and will reach them when they need it, where they need it. One of the best ways to offer our Health Information Network’s users is the EHNAC seal in all our accredited programs, with the reliability it offers. The confidence offered by EHNAC to all our users and the standing that this offers us, is priceless.”

-Janet Rios, CEO
Secure HIT


“Surescripts’ EHNAC accreditation demonstrates our adherence to a higher standard of quality, privacy, security and confidentiality, as well as data management. Our ePAP and DT P&S accreditations showcase the high quality and capabilities of Surescripts’ e-prescribing and HISP services.”

-Mark Gingrich, Chief Administrative and Legal Officer, Chief Privacy Officer


“ePAP accreditation demonstrates that a company appreciates the importance of security and privacy and that they think carefully about operations from a resource and performance perspective as well.”

-Mark Gingrich, Chief Information Officer


“Change Healthcare has been a longtime supporter of EHNAC and we have maintained our Healthcare Network Accreditation Program (HNAP) Electronic Health Network (EHN) accreditation since 2001. The HNAP-EHN accreditation program includes a detailed criteria-based assessment and EHNAC audit and site reviews which accredited organizations must complete every two years to maintain accreditation. EHNAC accreditation programs are designed to validate and improve healthcare transactional quality, operational efficiency, and data privacy and security. The HNAP-EHN accreditation provides third-party assurance that we meet or exceed industry-established standards.”

-Mike Denison, Senior Director, Regulatory and Standards Compliance
Change Healthcare


“Payspan® has partnered with EHNAC since 2009 as an accredited HNAP-EHN. EHNAC continues to mature and enhance its audit criteria and accreditation process, adding value to our organization with each accreditation cycle. During our recent re-accreditation audit, the EHNAC Reviewer shared detailed information while conducting virtual visits at our operations center and with key subcontractors. Everyone benefited from the necessary preparatory reviews prior to the on-site audits and gained valuable insight into current HIPAA security and privacy best practices and documentation of controls. Validation from EHNAC of Payspan systems, security practices, privacy policies, and controls demonstrates our dedication as a trusted partner for facilitating healthcare payments.”

-Robert Booth, Chief Administrative Officer
Payspan®, Inc.


“InstaMed integrates healthcare and payment transactions, two of the most regulated and scrutinized industries, so we place compliance and security as a top priority. The fact that we are the first organization to achieve the EHNAC HNAP and FSAP accreditations is a testament to our commitment to meeting the highest industry standards for security and enables us to grow the InstaMed Network securely.”

-Chris Seib, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder


“EHNAC’s DT P&S accreditation not only lends credibility to our HISP services in the marketplace, it lets prospective customers know we are committed to adhering to the industry standards as far as the privacy, security and exchange of healthcare data. The EHNAC team was professional, helpful and a pleasure to deal with.”

-Scott A. Finlay, CEO


“PNC is accredited by EHNAC for healthcare clearinghouse and healthcare lockbox services, and we are also proud to have met EHNAC requirements for 5010 readiness in July 2011. The EHNAC accreditation process has provided a rigorous independent assessment of our healthcare business processes, which has assisted us in providing continued excellent service to our provider and payer clients in a dynamic industry environment.”

-Jeff Troutman, Executive Vice President
PNC Healthcare


“EHNAC accreditation helps us do a conscientious review of all policies and procedures relating to security and privacy‚ as well as our service delivery.”

-Teresa Rivera, Assistant Executive Director
Utah Health Information Network


“EHNAC’s MSOAP accreditation has been critical to ensuring that we have the policies and procedures in place to protect our customers and adhere to stringent security standards to effectively handle healthcare data. The accreditation has proved to insurers and potential customers that we have an industry approved framework in place for optimal and secure business processes as we work with clients to implement their health IT solutions and systems.”

-Alexandra Jellerette, Owner
Zane Networks, LLC


“The accreditation and site visit were very much like consulting services to improve our workflow, documentation of systems and ultimately help improved our customer service.”

-Adam Forman, Chief Operating Officer
Daw Systems, Inc.


“EHNAC accreditation demonstrates our commitment to meet the highest industry standards for security. EHNAC provided us the framework to give our healthcare providers access to advanced privacy measures, systems availability and security infrastructure and provide the highest level of stakeholder-trust.”

-Matt Anderson, AVP, Business Analysis